Ever read a book that makes you wish you’d thought of that?  TORN is that book.  A paranormal thriller, TORN, is about seventeen-year-old Samantha.  And Samantha is not just any teenage girl.  She holds the key to the battle between good and evil. 

When her father dies, Samantha is thrust into a new world with a host of unearthly beings.  Samantha has no idea about the life she was destined to live as a fallen angel.  Finding out that everyone you know and love is not who they said they were would turn an adult’s world upside down, so imagine what a teenager would feel.  And finding out that, not only are you a fallen angel, but you’re the one fallen angel that holds the balance between good and evil, or hope.   

Suspense, action, betrayal, and romance… TORN had it all.  I thoroughly enjoyed the character development.  Sam, Ethan, and Lucas were characters that captured my interest from the beginning.  Ms. Hughes did an excellent job with pulling me right into the story, keeping me invested in the outcome. 

I haven’t read a lot of books about angels, but I’m glad that I picked this one up.  Not only did the book entertain me, it had an underlying message (I always love those).  Samantha can choose light or dark as she has both bloodlines running through her.  She can choose to fight with the Faithful or give into those dark impulses and join the Exile.  Just like real life, sometimes it feels easier to succumb to the darkness.  And Sebastian, the leader of the Exiled, is hot on her trail. But, ultimately, it’s Samantha’s choice. It’s a real decision that everyone makes in their life, choosing the path we should go.  I love how the author presents this internal and external battle.  The battle within herself and the desire to be “good”, but knowing there is this “bad” part in her.  It’s not easy, by any means.  I was left to wonder… can good exist without evil? 

All in all, I have to say it was an excellent book and I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.

My Rating:  5 STARS

The sequel, Darkness Betrayed, will hit stores on September 27th.