Smoke in Love


In the wake of my shattered marriage, I found myself at a crossroads, finally free to pursue my own desires. Filing for divorce was my chance to break loose and do what I want to do. You know what they say about best laid plans… I didn’t plan on him, though.

I tried to refrain myself, but he’s weakening my resistance. Especially when he shows up at my door with desire in his eyes and one of the items from my celebratory divorce list in his hand.


It should’ve been business as usual. After all, we’ve worked together for years. Yet, Alaiya is much too tempting. She has a plan, a bucket list of sorts. So do I. My plan is to give her what she needs—and everything she never knew she wanted.

The game is set, and my goal is clear. Getting her fall will require challenging every expectation. Convincing her to risk everything will mean breaking every rule. Yet, persuading her to take a chance at a love that defies all odds will be essential in winning her forever.

Four20 Bae… When couples burn together from one end to the other. Make sure you check out all the stories in this multi-author series.